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A summer of learning and fieldtrips

MILAN - My time at Università Cattolica flew by like a blink of an eye. Who knew that attending school in the summer would go by fast. I took the Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship course and during each lesson I learnt so many interesting things, like learning how to build a business plan, and about the qualities of an entrepreneur. What made class fun was not just the material but also the friendships both inside and outside the classroom.

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Giulia La Rocca and her classmates during the summer Orientation day

What I loved the most about the program was the fieldtrips, which allowed us to experience the theory we learnt in the classroom through real life situations. Impact Hub was one of the fieldtrips I attended, and it was a memorable experience to say the least. Impact Hub is a worldwide company that first started out in London, and then it spread all over the world. It is a company that helps future startups and entrepreneurs.

The staff at Impact Hub was very friendly, and they all loved their job because of the unique environment offered. Since I am potentially thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, this field trip was very useful because I know that if I ever need some help in the future, I know of a valuable and reliable source that could help me. At this visit, I got to meet three entrepreneurs, and they all told us about their journey along the way. My favorite entrepreneur was a woman who had designed an app for children to play games. This was not just an ordinary game, but it also applied concepts that these kids were learning in school. Their stories impacted me in many ways, and it gave me a broader understanding of an entrepreneurs job. 

My most memorable time was when our Professor Benedetto took us to his brewery to taste all of his beer. This field trip visit was located outside of Milan, and we took a coach to reach the brewery. When we arrived at the brewery, our Professor Benedetto gave us a tour and showed us how he brews the beer, and above all what makes his beer different from other competitors. He talked about his story: how he decided to become an entrepreneur, combining his passion for brewing beer to then opening up a company. He talked about all of the risks he had to take, but at the end of the day if you have passion for what you do, you can make it. At the end of the visit, our professor offered us a mini lunch. Our professor did an amazing job to bringing situations in our power points to life, whether it was through field trips or through classroom group activities.

By Giulia La Rocca 



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